Who Are We?

KUPA Komunikacije is a company that I, Biserka Povse Tasic, a university graduate in journalism, have founded and am managing in cooperation with numerous external coworkers. After 16 years of experience in the field of media and 14 years of experience in the field of entrepreneurship, I have created a new business story named KUPA Komunikacije in April 2015.

It behoves me to introduce myself first. I was the first female correspondent of the Radio-Television of Slovenia (RTV Slovenija), reporting from Belgrade and Skopje within the framework of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and I have closely watched the disintegration of the 2nd Yugoslavia and afterwards the formation of the second Macedonian state. For seven years, in the period from 1998 to 2006, me and my husband, in the framework of our first family-run business Balkan Consulting, helped Slovenian and  foreign companies to form business connections with the Balkan markets, with regard to the organization of business meetings, show, as well as marketing in the Balkan media.

I have acquired many leadership and managing experiences while managing two private family-run businesses (our second family business BC Group was mainly engaged in property brokerage, and a part of this activity is also performed by my husband Predrag Tasic within the framework of KUPA Komunikacije, as well as during 2-year managing of the Institute of Tourism, Education, Sport, and Youth of Mozirje, 4-year job as an editor in chief of a regional journal Novi tednik and 5-year managing of correspondence in the Balkans.


I founded the company KUPA Komunikacije after the end of my term of editor in chief and career in journalism, and, after the publication of the book My Path: Start-Ups for the Entire Life again embarked on the path of journalism at the age of 49. The name KUPA indicates the following: K – kakovost ( quality), U – ustvarjalnost ( creativity), P – podjetnost ( entrepreneurialism), and A – akcija ( action). Communications are a part of my life on the level of media as well as entrepreneurship.


Within KUPA, I have established the following areas of business: KUDO – a very special martial art in communication, RESEARCHES:  First Impression, Secret Customer, Market Entry, and organization of special events.

While performing my services, I cooperate with exceptional and propulsive individuals from the field of computer science, data processing, marketing.


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