We stayed in your hotel, flew with your airline, were served in your restaurant, visited your embassy in Slovenia and the Balkans … And we noticed there are some possibilities for improvement. Maybe at the very moment you are still thinking about how to additionally improve your customer services.

We suggest you to perform a research Secret Customer within the entire chain of your hotels, namely in one of the following roles (family guests, business guest), with our feedback on the detected quality of services provided by the entire staff, regarding the communication as well as the services themselves. In addition to our impression, we also inform you on our perceptions and suggestions for improvement. Those who are striving for excellence are glad to look themselves in the mirror every now and then in order to improve. You are certainly among them!

The research Secret Customer that we personally perform on a chosen destination in agreement with you lasts from 7 to 21 days on the field (depending on the number of locations), while data processing and submission of written report lasts 14 days. We may also inform you on the results in the form of a video-conference, that is via Skype or personally at your companys headquarters. 40 % of the research price is paid on the time of signing the performance contract, while 60 % is paid after work. The price includes travelling expenses, accommodation expenses at your company, performance of the experience research, as well as processing and presenting data.

Write us to biserka.povse.tasic@outlook.com, and tell us everything you would like to know within the framework of the research Secret Customer, and in 48 hours we shall send you the content and price offer.



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