First Impression Research “ we perform it ourselves on the basis of coincidental experience in the role of an actual client, and namely following the previous agreement with the client, i.e. the company management. On the basis of this first impression, we agree with the company management about the performance of the Secret Customer research as well as organize training.
First Impression may be a very useful research that we perform in 14 business days, in case you wish to check your representatives in the Balkans or in Slovenia. Maybe you are simply looking for an answer to a question how successful you are with your colleagues in servicing your clients, communication with your employees, and in relations with business partners.

prvi vtis dva

Secret Customer + KUDO Research “ we agree with the company or client on the combination of field research and training with regard to the perceived mistakes. We suggest a one-year contractual cooperation and quarterly performance of the research as well as training. The research Secret Customer may be a good way to check the competition as well as an opportunity to improve quality of the existing services for clients. The preparation of research lasts 14 days after the performed meeting (also via Skype or on the basis of an e-mail agreement, yet by signing the contract), the sole performance on the field lasts up to 4 weeks, the final oral report and oral presentation of findings last up to 2 weeks. After the performed research, we agree on the date of the training together.


Market Entry Research “ is intended for the companies that wish to present their products and services on one of the following markets: Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Kosovo, Macedonian, Bulgarian, and Albanian. In this case, we check the possibilities with the coworkers from the Balkans and establish first business contacts on the basis of research findings and in agreement with the client. After the agreement on the research performance, we perform it within 4 weeks by submitting a written report on findings and with recommendations for your requested market entry.


Please send us your demand to perform the researches First Impression, Secret Customer+ KUDO, and Market Entry to biserka.povse.tasic@outlook.com. We will answer within 24 hours.

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