Special Event Organization:
Renovation of Buildings, Challenge for all Shareholders (June 2015), Hotel Plaza in Ljubljana
Iran, Business Challenge  (November 2016), Hotel Plaza in Ljubljana

Secret Customer Research:
ECE d.o.o. Celje (period: April 2015 …
SPIRIT, Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (May-June 2016)
The Library Celje, November 2016
ENERGETIKA CELJE d.o.,  June-July 2017

Lectures on the Subject KUDO – Good Communication Environment:
For several companies in private and public sector


References from the Past Work in the Field of Entrepreneurship and Media:

Business discussions in Pristina, client: ARCONT IP d.o.o., March 2001

Consultations on the possibility of trade and investment in the Balkans within the period from 2001 and 2003, clients: individual companies, Serbian Agency for Privatization

Presentation of companies on the fair Balkan Food and Drink in Sofia, clients: Droga Portoroz d.d., Mercator Emba d.d., November 1999

First Serbian-Slovene business meeting in Belgrade after the October democratic changes in Serbia, clients: approximately hundred companies from Slovenia and Serbia, January 2001

Participation of the Slovenian companies on the 6th international economic meeting in Novi Sad, joint project with Euro Kragujevac, November 2001

Preparation of press conference, client: Golte d.o.o., 2009

Preparation of press conference, client: Gradis d.o.o, 2009

Concert organization within the Public Institute of Tourism, Culture, Sport and Youth of Mozirje, 2008-2009

Confrontation of presidential candidates on the elections in Slovenia, the Celje National Hall, 2011


Recognisability of the brand  Droga in Kosovo, client: Droga d.d., June 2001

Offer of mineral waters in Serbia, client: Radenska d.d., August 2001

Possibility to sell windows in Bosnia and Herzegovina, client: ARCONT IP d.o.o., September 2002

Possibility to sell telecommunication equipment in Serbia, client: Iskrateling d.o.o., January 2003

Possible launching of Novoferm products onto the Serbian market, client: ARCONT IP d.o.o., May 2003

Sales of products and role of competition on the Slovenian market, client: Lek Veterina, 2006


Offer of Slovenian Companies, Macedonian journal Economy Press, January 1999
Welcome to Slovenia, Greek journal New Europe, March 1999
Slovenian Economy Presents Itself, Bulgarian journal Pari, March 1999
Catalog of Small and Medium-Sized Companies of Slovenia We Want to Do Business with the Balkans, March 2002



Slovene public broadcaster Radio Slovenia (Radio Slovenija): journalist, correspondent from Belgrade and Skopje, journalist – specialist for the Balkans (1989-1998); From 1995 to 1998, a correspondence for the South of Balkans was operating in Skopje, from where it covered and directly monitored other countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, and Serbia).

Journal Finance: journal promotion for the Radio-Television of Slovenia, audio contributions for radio and morning comment for television in the program  Good Morning (2006-2007)

Television program TV Pika: co-presenter in an informative show, presenter of the socio-political program (2007)

Monthly journal  Nasa dolina : founder and editor in chief of regional monthly

Weekly journal Novi tednik: editor in chief of a regional journal in the  Savinjska region

Managing correspondence of the Slovene public broadcaster Radio Slovenia in Belgrade, establishing correspondence of the Radio-Television of Slovenia in Skopje (for South Balkans area)

Director of two family companies: Balkan Consulting Povse Tasic in drugi d.n.o., BC SKUPINA d.o.o.

Director of a Public Institute for Tourism, Culture, Sport, and Youth of Mozirje (2007-2009)

Editor in chief, managing a journalist-technical team (2011-2015)

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