KUDO Product

KUDO product is a very special martial art in communications, which I have developed, on the basis of my own experience in the field of media and entrepreneurship, into KUPA Komunikacije in the form of: lectures, consultations in the field of communication for companies and organizations, and development of marketing product of the KUDO card 21.

KUDO education in companies and other organizations on the subject of positive communication working environment is performed for individual structures of (head of departments, back-office services, those directly involved in contacts with the customers  or all employees of the company.

KUDO is also a form of workshop training and team-building for the clients requesting researches First Impression and/or Secret Customer. With regard to the results of researches, we namely prepare trainings with the aim to eliminate mistakes that we detect during the field research in the fields of communications and performing quality services for the company’s clients.
Within the framework of communication counselling, you may also hire us, by means of an annual contract, for the service of communication content following the method 24-hour KUDO assistance. This means that we are available 24-hours a day to resolve any communication challenges and tasks you may face, undertaking them for you by preparing contents (advertisements, web journals), exactly when you need them.


KUDO training may also be organized in Slovene, Serbian, and English at your company’s headquarters or through webinar: eKUPA portal.

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