Delivery of Your Advertisement and Payment

Please send us the purchase order to reserve and advertising place on one or more cards in the KUDO series until the 21th day of the month at latest for next monthly issue, to the e-mail address: biserka.povse.tasic@outlook.com  with a note “KUDO Advertisement”. Indicate in which series language would you like to particiapte with the advertisement (options: Slovene, English, German, or all three together).

On the basis of your application /request, we shall send you a pro forma invoice with the payment deadline on the 28th day of the current month. Circulation: 1000 copies of an individual series. Our feedback to you: we forward you a list of KUDO cards recipients and 2 free copies of the printed series in the chosen language. You may also calculate the final price according to the benefits, explained bellow.

The Price:
390 EURO + 22% VAT  – The hole page on the back side of one card: 72 mm x 116 mm  /one card in one language/
190 EURO + 22% VAT – The half page on the back side of one card: 72 mm x 50 mm


Language discount: we offer you 20 % discount on advertising on one card in two languages (e.g. in English and Slovene) and a 30 % discount on advertising in all three languages.
We provide you a free translation into Slovene!

Quantity discount: 10 % discount on advertising on two cards from the series, 20 % discount on advertising on 3 cards, and 30 % discount on advertising on 4 or more cards within the individual series of the publication.

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