About Markets

1) “First Impression” Research
This may be a very useful “ad hoc” research that we perform in 7 business days, in case you wish to check your representatives in the Balkans or in Slovenia. Or in the case that you are simply looking for an answer to a question how successful you are in relations with your business partners in servicing your clients.

2) “Secret Customer” + KUDO Research

This may be a good way to check the competition as well as an opportunity to improve quality of the existing services for clients.  The sole performance on the field lasts up to 4 weeks, after that we agree n the date of the training for co-workers.

3) “Market Entry” Research

This is the suitable solution for the companies that wish to present their products and services on one of the folloving markets: Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Kosovo, Macedonian, Bulgarian and Albanian. We check the possibilities with coworkers from the Balkans and establish first business contacts on the basis of research findings.


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