I founded the company “KUPA Komunikacije after the end of my term of editor in chief and career in journalism, and, after the publication of the book My Path: Start-Ups for the Entire Life. Communications are a part of my life on the level of media as well as entrepreneurship.

The name KUPA indicates the following:

K – kakovost ( Quality), U – ustvarjalnost ( Creativity), P – podjetnost ( Entrepreneurialism), and A – akcija ( Action).

Within KUPA, I have established the following areas of business:
KUDO – a very special martial art in communication
RESEARCHES – First Impression, Secret Customer, Market Entry
SPECIAL EVENTS – We take over the hole part of organization of different kind ob business event

How Can We help You? Write to us: biserka.povse.tasic@outlook.com



Some of Our References

 Special Event Organization:

Renovation of Buildings, Challenge for all Participants (June 2015), Hotel Plaza in Ljubljana
Iran, Business Challenge for the Bold (November 2016); Hotel Plaza in Ljubljana

“Secret Customer” Research:
ECE d.o.o. Celje (period: from April 2016 …), Energetika d.o.o.,  Osrednja knjižnica Celje …
SPIRIT, Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (May-June 2016)

“First Impression” Research:
Audio BM d.o.o., several units of Tourist Offices …  (July-August 2017)

Lectures of the subject KUDO – Good Communication Environment:
For several companies and institutions in public sectors  (from June 2015 …)

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